• Our People

    Krassen Mitev
    Senior College Consultant
    Krassen has over 10 years of experience coaching aspiring students through their applications in top tier American universities. His track record is very impressive as his moto has always been that there is no bad candidates, there is only poor applications. As our team member with most admitted students, Krassen certainly knows what it takes to impress the admissions officers of prestigious American institutions.
    Yongson Hong
    College Essay Consultant
    Yongson has the advantage of currently being enrolled in one of the most prestigious US ivy league universities - Yale University. As such, Yongson's knowledge of how to succeed in the SAT exam and how to formulate an application to place the candidate in the best light possible is very fresh on his mind. After achieving his goal of attending an ivy league university, Yongson has dedicated a significant time on helping other bright Chinese and international students do the same.