• Radical Changes To The SAT Exam in 2016

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    Most American colleges require that the college applicants submit an SAT or equivalent score from a standardized test. This is by far the part of the application which is the most stressful to applicants and takes the most time. Until now, the SAT test was a race against time and a competition of which test taker will come equipped with more tricks to maximize their score. As of 2016, however, the test will change radically to favor more the students who are able to understand and express themselves articulately, rather than those who perfected their test taking techniques. With that change, choosing the right test preparation strategy becomes that much more important and so does getting your advice from trusted reputable college admissions consultants.

    THE SAT EXAM: What Will Change in 2016?

    The redesigned SAT test of 2016 will be 3 hours long with an additional 50 minutes for the essay, and will be available for students in both print and a computer.

    While the various section topics will remain essentially the same, the redesigned SAT test of 2016 will change significantly in its format and in the skills it tests. Previously, students were called upon to merely read a text and select more multiple choice options the most appropriate answers, now they will also be asked to provide argumentation for their answers.

    On the plus side, the topics and excerpts students are asked to read and comprehend will be less esoteric and convoluted, so the students will have to focus on the content of the excerpt, rather than ponder whether the author liked the subject or not based on their incomprehensible style of writing. Also, the vocabulary candidates are asked to get familiar with will be must more colloquial than the obscure words they had to memorize for the SAT test, only to never use them again in their lives. The words students would need to guess the meaning of will be in current circulation in the English speaking world, but they may be more technical or sophisticated and less likely for a high school student to have come across them. The point of the vocabulary change is meant to swap the testing for memorization abilities for analytical skills which is said to be much more indicative of whether the student will do well in college.

    As to the mathematics section, answering them will no longer necessitate a calculator and calculators will no longer be permitted on every section of the test. The focus will shift to “real world problem-solving” such as data analysis and solving more advanced math concepts. Again this change is meant to tip the scales in favor of those who possess natural intelligence rather than those who spend the most time studying for the test.

    Finally, the essay portion of the SAT test will be optional. The reasons cited for that change is that the essays have gathered a lot of criticism over the years as they were accused of placing too much focus on the style of the essays rather than their veracity or reasoning power. The essays of those who choose to write them will be scored separately from the rest of the test.

    As the new test seeks to encourage developing better analytical reasoning, rather than endlessly practicing test taking techniquest to better race against time, it is now more essential than ever to find intelligent and knowledgeable SAT exam consultants to help you prepare. GOOD LUCK!

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